U19 World Cup: India lost in the final match

India lost to Australia in the final match of the 2024 Under-19 World Cup. Everyone thought Team India’s young cricketers would take revenge against Australia for the 2023 ODI World Cup final defeat. 

But, again, Australia became the world champion. Australia has once again proved that they are the toughest opponent in ICC tournaments.

First Innings: Australia won the toss and chose to bat

Australia won the toss and chose to bat in the Under-19 World Cup final. 

  • They scored 253 runs in 50 overs, losing seven wickets. 
  • Among Australia’s batsmen, Harry Dixon (42), Hugh Weibgin (48), Harjas Singh (55), and Ollie Peake (46) excelled. 
  • Among the Indian bowlers, Raj Limbani took 3 wickets and Naman Tiwari took 2 wickets. 

Second Innings: Top-order Collapse

Team India, who went into bat to hit the target of 254 runs, suffered a hard blow in the beginning. 

  • At 3 runs, opening batsman Kulkarni was caught out. The Australian bowler Callum Vidler took the first wicket. 
  • However, Adarsh Singh and Mushir Khan batted cautiously for ten overs without losing a wicket. 
  • Once Musheer Khan was caught out, Team India captain Uday Sharan, who played brilliantly in the Under-19 World Cup till then, was dismissed for just 8 runs in the final match.

The Indian team was in deep trouble as the cricketers, who were the top 3 best batsmen of the World Cup tournament, were out. 

After Sachin Das (9), Priyanshu Moliya (9), and Avinash (0) got out, India lost 6 wickets for 91 runs. Only opening batsmen Adarsh Singh (47 off 77 balls) and Murugan Abhishek (42 off 46 balls) have batted well among other Indian cricketers. 

Finally, Indian batsman Pandey was dismissed just for 2 runs and India was all out for 174 runs. With this, Australia won the Under-19 World Cup by a margin of 79 runs against Team India.

Disappointed Indian Cricket Fans

India has already lost many finals against Australia. Team India, which performed brilliantly in the 2023 World Cup tournament, was badly defeated by Australia in the final match. Everyone thought that the Indian Under-19 cricketers would take revenge on that. However, cricket fans were deeply disappointed, as the young cricketers also lost in the final match.


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