T20 World Cup 2024: Full Details about Super 8 Qualifiers

Super 8 Qualifiers

The T20 World Cup is being held in the United States and West Indies. We have seen India and South Africa defend low scores. Big teams like England, New Zealand and Sri Lanka have not won a single match so far. A lot has happened in the tournament so far. Most of the teams are likely to qualify for the Super 8 stage. Afghanistan, the United States and Scotland are among them. Based on the games so far. Let’s find out which team has the chances to go to the Super-8.

Group A: India, USA, Canada, Pakistan, Ireland

India (6 points, 1.137 net run rate) – India already won three matches and are likely to top the group with a better run rate. India already entered into Super 8 stage. They won against USA, Pakistan and Ireland.
United States of America (4 points, 0.127 run rate) – The United States also started the tournament with a bang. They already won two matches. A win against Ireland will take them to the super 8 stage.
Pakistan (2 points, 0.191 Run Rate) – Pakistan lost two matches they played and won only one match. Then they will win match against Ireland with good run rate. On the other side, USA will lost with Ireland. Then there is a chance for pakistan to enter Super 8 stage.

Group B: Australia, Scotland, England, Namibia & Oman

Australia (6 points, 3.580 run-rate) – Australia played 3 matches and won all. They beat Oman, England and Namibia in the group stage to qualify for the Super 8 stage.
Scotland (5 points, 2.164 net run rate) – Scotland won 2 matches and got 5 points, because one match was abandoned due to rain. A win against Australia in the final will guarantee a Super 8 spot in the tournament. Other results will also depend on the outcome of the match.
England (1 point, – 1.800 run rate) – England lost to Australia. Another match was abandoned. This has become difficult. Their chances will also depend on the result of the Australia-Scotland match, including England winning against Oman and Namibia by a huge margin.

Group C: West Indies, Afghanistan, New Zealand, Uganda, Papua New Guinea

West Indies (6 points, 2.596 run rate) – West Indies qualified for the Super 8 stage with wins over Papua New Guinea, Uganda and New Zealand. It became the first team to qualify for Super 8 from Group C.
Afghanistan (4 points, 5.225 run rate) – If Afghanistan wins one match on Papua New Guinea or West Indies. , they will advance to the Super 8 round.
Uganda (2 points, – 4.217 run rate) – Uganda need to win big against the Kiwis. It depends on other results.

Group D Teams: South Africa, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Nepal & Netherlands.

South Africa (6 points, net run rate of 0.603)-  South Africa won all three matches to almost seal a Super-8 berth. It won’t make much of a difference in the last game.
Bangladesh (2 points, 0.075 run rate)- Bangladesh must beat the Netherlands and also win against Nepal will take them to the Super 8 stage.
Netherlands (2 points, 0.024 run rate) – The Netherlands team will reach the Super-8 only if they win against Bangladesh and Nepal.

At present, only India from Group A, Australia from Group B, West Indies from Group C and South Africa from Group D have qualified for the T20 World Cup 2024 Super 8 stage. Predict which of the remaining teams will qualify for the Super 8 stage from these 4 groups.

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